No need for worries if you strongly decided to find the lost unlock VW Golf radio codes combination to break the security screen from your music box. This website can help you in that process with the unique Golf radio code calculator that is specialized for all Golf models.

VW Golf Radio Code

Supported Models

  • Golf III – 3 doors
  • Golf III – 5 doors
  • III Variant
  • Golf IV – 3 doors
  • IV – 5 doors
  • Golf IV Cabrio
  • IV – Variant
  • IV – R32
  • Golf V – 3 doors
  • V – 5 doors
  • V- GTI 3 & 5 doors
  • Golf V – R32 – 3 & 5 doors
  • Golf Plus
  • Cross Golf
  • V – Variant
  • Golf VI – 3 & 5 doors
  • Golf GTI 3 & 5 doors
  • VI – Variant
  • VI – R – 3 & 5 doors
  • Golf GTD 3 & 5 doors
  • VI Cabrio
  • Golf VI GTI Cabrio
  • VI R Cabrio
  • Golf VII – 3 & 5 doors
  • VII – R – 3 & 5 doors
  • VII Variant
  • Golf VII GTE
  • VII Alltrack
  • e – Golf
  • VII GTI Variant
  • VII – R – Variant
  • Golf Sportsvan

Unlock VW Golf Radio Code Calculator


You can retrieve your unique unlock VW Golf radio code combination with the calculator available on this website only. In this part, we will teach you how to complete the request for receiving the calculator on your device from where you are able to manage the recalculation procedure.

So, in the right sidebar on this page or at the bottom you can find a form that you need to fill in. Once you complete this process you need to wait to receive the calculator. Once you get it directly from your email address directly on any computer or cell phone device open it.

Then you will see an empty line where you must enter the Golf radio’s serial number combination that is unique for your device. Once you press the calculate button at the end and your unlock Volkswagen Golf radio code will appear in a new window.

Golf Radio

Then you can complete the final step from this procedure. So, insert the VW radio code combination that you get into your device manually using your device’s buttons. Also, if you need help with this process please visit our entering code guidelines that will teach you how to complete this thing.

Finally, the entering VW Golf radio codes process is really important because we all know that too many wrong attempts can block the device’s software permanently!


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