Can you get a Mercedes radio code for free? This is the main question for all Mercedes users with locked car radios! Well, here we will provide all information about the free Mercedes radio code. You can find it all on this page below! How to find it? How to insert the code into your locked device? Pay attention to the text below, spend a couple of minutes here on this page and you will find all answers to all of your questions about Mercedes radio code!

Mercedes Radio Code

Mercedes Radio Code

This unlocks a combination that you need to insert into your Mercedes car radio each time when your device will lose power for some reason. Let’s say that you will make a change to your battery. Then your car radio will remain without electricity. After everything is reconnected, when you will try to turn on your Mercedes radio, the device will ask for unlock Mercedes radio code to start working again.

The unlock combination is a 5-digits combination. Every car radio has a different code that is unique for that particular device. You should enter the right code if you want to have access to the radio’s functions. If you make mistake with only one digit then your device will not begin with work!

Mercedes Radio Serial Number


The best method to get the Mercedes radio code for free is to use the universal Benz Mercedes radio code calculator. A calculator is simple software. There aren’t many options, so you can’t make a mistake while you use it. The calculator has many different versions. This makes it compatible with all possible operative system versions on Linux, Windows, MAC, iOS, or Android, no matter do you use it on a computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. To use it properly follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download the Mercedes calculating free radio codes software.
  2. Open it.
  3. Insert all information that are required (information about ZIP code, email address, VIN combination, phone number and radio’s serial combination).
  4. Once you fill all required info, click the “submit” button.

Your code will arrive in your email address in the new message after a couple of hours.

How To Enter The Code

The last step is to enter the code into the radio manually! If you have problems during the entering procedure follow the guide below!

  • Turn on the radio by pressing the main power button!
  • Then enter all 5-digits by pressing the numbers on the right side.
  • Once you see all 5-digits press the button that is below the “OK” on the display.
Mercedes Radio Code Calculator

Once you complete the three steps above your device will start working without any problems!


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