It’s our job to inform you about Clarion radio code possibilities that every user has on their hands. There is a workable Clarion radio code calculator that can re-generate your lost radio code in less than five minutes. Here on our page, you have all information that you must know to use the calculator on any computer or cell phone device. Bear with us. We will help you for sure!

Clarion Radio Code

About Clarion Radio Code

The Clarion radio code is a system that helps you to prevent thefts from stealing your Clarion radio device. They can’t use your radio because it is protected by this type of security. Believe us, then know this information. They will not try to steal because your radio for them will be only a box that doesn’t work. So the Clarion radio code security software is a good thing.

Sometimes, the real owner of the Clarion radio can have problems too. If he loses the original Clarion radio code that he gets along with all original documents, he can use the radio after battery replacement or some electricity problem. Therefore, he needs to find an alternative solution that will help him to use his device.

The situation now is different. The real owner can find all information about the vehicle and radio. He can prove that the device is his. Using this information he can use the free code generator:

How To Use The Calculator

The calculator is really simple. Any user can use it without any restriction. He needs to go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the main Clarion radio code calculator platform.
  2. Enter the required information (VIN, ZIP, Email, Phone number, Serial Number).
  3. Then after you will check all details (check do you enter the information correctly), submit your request by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Your code will become available to you after two-four business days when you will get the combination of the digits on your email address in a new message.
Clarion Radio Code Calculator

Enter The Clarion Radio Code

Let’s say that the whole process above is already finished and you have your code. Then you need to enter manually in your device. Once you fill it in, your car radio will work without problems.

You need to follow the steps below (The process is working for older models only)!

  1. Turn on the Clarion radio using the main power button at the start.
  2. Use the radio button “1” to enter the first digit from the code. Press the button until you see the right digit on the screen.
  3. Repeat the step number 2 to enter the second, third, and fourth (some Clarion radio’s have five digits radio codes) digit that the code contain.
  4. At the end press the radio button with the number 5, and your radio will become unlocked.
Old Clarion Radio Model

If you have a new Clarion radio model with a bigger display, then the entering procedure is easier. Then you need to press on the screen to enter the code. The process is so simple so there is no way to make a mistake!


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