Find Your Volkswagen Serial Number

To get your VW radio code, you need to find your device’s serial number. This web page will help you find this combination that is unique for every VW device and describe the device!

There are two different methods for finding the Volkswagen serial number on your device:

Radio Serial Number
  1. The first method is very easy because all you need to do is to read the original documents that every Volkswagen owner have it from the moment when he received his vehicle. Along with all the documents, there are special documents or books that have information for your device. In many situations, the first searching method can help you to unlock your radio device because there are big chances to find your code written there. If you don’t have it then you will find the serial combination for sure. The serial number needs to be in this format – VWZ6Z1V1562239!
  2. The second method is a bit difficult than the first one! Here it isn’t only about reading! If you must use this method then you must remove the VW radio device from its place in your car. Once you remove it on the backside you will notice a description similar to the picture below. Once you get the serial number from there you are eligible to continue the unlocking procedure with the next step!

67 thoughts on “Find Your Volkswagen Serial Number

  1. Пожалуйста, мне нужен код, я буду очень признателен за вашу помощь, мой серийный номер: VWZ1Z2I6217640

  2. Hello, I could ask for the code for the radio with the serial number VWZ4Z4G4300382.
    thank you very much…:)

  3. Hi There. Hope you are well. Could i please ask you for the radio code for my radio with serial VWZ4Z406008441

    Much appreciated

  4. Just bought a radio from the scrapyard to replace my broken one in my 2000 VW Jetta (Canadian Model).

    I need the SAFE Code for it if you could help me with that.
    It is a Premium 6 base model: 3B7 035 180 …1Jm 035 157D
    Model No: CQ-JV1061XC
    Serial No: 5008878

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone that could help me find this SAFE Code

  5. Hi I wounder if anyone can help I’m luking for a code for my vw radio it’s Vwz5z7g1104423 that’s if anyone nose are can help is that will be fab

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