Do you need to perform the Kenwood radio reset code procedure? If you do, then this place is the right one for you. Here you can use the Kenwood radio reset code calculator that will help you find any Kenwood radio code! We will explain to you everything in the text below! Stay with us, and learn all about this problem and its solution.

How to enter Kenwood reset radio code

Kenwood radio code calculator

The Kenwood radio code calculator is the best solution if you lost your original car radio code, but know the radio’s serial combination. In this case, you can start the unlocking process below:

  • Get the Kenwood radio code calculator on your PC or cell phone.
  • Open the software.
  • Insert your radio’s serial combination that is unique to your device.
  • Press the “generate” button at the end.

Finally, once you get your code, you will need to enter it into the locked Kenwood radio to unlock it. The unlock is permanent if you don’t have some electricity problems in the future. We recommend you write it in a safe location. Then if your Kenwood radio shows the locked screen once again in the future, you will enter the same Kenwood radio code again.

If you don’t have the serial number, you should look at the original radio’s documents. This is the easiest method to find this type of information. If you don’t have the documents too, then you need to remove the Kenwood radio. Then, on the side, you will find the serial number that you must use if you decide to use the Kenwood radio reset code calculator.

Kenwood radio code

If, for some reason, you don’t want to use the Kenwood radio reset code calculator then you can buy the code from the internet. Many websites will offer you Kenwood radio codes for different prices. Below we will present you:

The best website to buy Kenwood radio reset code

There are many tricks in this problem with car radio codes. Some websites can make a fool out of you. They can offer you a Kenwood radio reset code and they are capable to charge you some price. Then many of them can trick you so you will not get your code at all. You will lose many, and you don’t get your Kenwood code. This sucks! Therefore we want to point out some real websites that really can help you with your problem.

Our recommendation is to use the service from this page.

  1. To use this service you need to:
  2. You need to write your exact radio model.
  3. Then you need to enter your valid email address where they will send you your code.
  4. You need to answer to the question “Do you have your remote”.
  5. In the end, you complete the payment of 20$ and after a couple of minutes, you will receive the code on your email address!
Kenwood radio reset code

There is no difference between the two methods at all. In the end, of the two processes, you will get the same Kenwood to reset the radio code. It is up to you, what service you want to use. Good luck!


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