Enter The Code In Your Device

The last step that you need to complete is to enter the code that you will reproduce with our calculator on serial numbers base on your radio! This process must be completed manually! Once you get the code insert it using the radio main buttons!

There are different entering methods from different VW radio models but usually, this process is very simple so any owner can find it by himself.

Usually, you need to enter the first digit from the VW radio code by pressing the radio buttons number one several time until you get the right number. Repeat the process for all digits from the code and finally at the end press the button number five.

If you still have problems then visit our video channel where you have video tutorials that will help you complete this process very easy!

181 thoughts on “Enter The Code In Your Device

    1. hi… please i want to help unlock my vw radio code

      VW RNS 315 NAR
      1KO 035 274 B
      PLEEEEASE HALP!!!!!!

  1. Dear Sir

    I cannot get my car music system to work on my VW Toureg year 2011

    My VW Toureg Radio Serial Number is:



    My email: cmahinda@gmail.com



  2. Hi guys. I purchased an Amarok radio. This guy of the Amarok just changed his to a reverse camera unit. I bought his old radio but need the code. He says the code is not in his owners manual. Can you help me pretty please. VWZ7Z2P5016382. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

  3. hi, i need a radio code for a 2007 VW Golf – radio serial number VWZ2Z2F2184428 if anyone code help that would be great! Much appreciated, Nate

  4. Hi, I need the radio code for my 2010 vw cc serial number is VWZ4Z7K30700215. THANKS !!

  5. First thank you for your kindness, the radio code is VWZGZ1R2790020 – it is a RCD330G.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello, can you help me? My VW Beta serialnumber is: VWZ2Z2B3825332
    I lost my code.. thany you very much in advance!!

  7. hello i need code please for my car radio model is wv 1999 Passat 1.8t the teyp number is

  8. Hello, Please I need a help with:

    1) a code for MIB 2 PQ + NAV by serial number VWZAZ2R0218938 and another to VWZAZ2P0106674

  9. Buna ziua , va rog ajutati-ma cu cod pentru RNS300 modelul cu 3 butoane seria:VWZ1Z2F62041388 , GOLF 5. Multumesc !

  10. Please help me with code for RNS 300 , s / n: VWZ1Z2F62041388, VW GOLF 5 . I asked you for help once but it was not resolved, you sent me a download link for Ford, I have Volkswagen, please soul, help me !!!

  11. Hello,
    The code is VWZ6Z3P0333449 for Philips Gamma-3 radio. Unfortunately, I don’t know the model of car it is from.

  12. Hello I need radio code for my 2003 new beetle. Radio s/n VWZ4Z7B1024292. Vehicle Vn. 3VWCK21C43M406924

  13. Hi, could you help me with the code for the following:

    VW MFD2 Blaupunkt radio navigation unit, VWZ1Z7F6189945.

    Your help is highly appreciated, thank you very much.

  14. Please help me my model number of my radio is cq-ev1463g and I have a 2006 Passat 2.0 t and the serial number of the radio is VWZ5 Z7F2117126

  15. kindly assist I have S/# VWZ4Z7G2147314 With the VIN on the vehicle 3VWRZ81K38M003492
    kind regards, Ed G.(edgomex5@gmail.com

  16. Hello can i get the code from my VW car radio please ?

    serial number is : VWZ1Z2G4775765


    thank you so much.

  17. Hello can i get the code from my VW car radio please ?

    serial number is : VWZGZ1S0320453


    thank you so much.

  18. Hello

    Please can you send me code for my rcd 300

    serial number:VWZ2Z2F1463263


    Thank you so much!

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